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On HAX for iOS
crafted for onhax lovers
Recent & Featured

We know what you really care about. So with that in mind On HAX for iOS is crafted to present the most important updates to you at a glance. While Recent view shows the most recent updates, the dedicated Featured view will show all the latest content related to iOS.

Forums Support

Forums is the best thing after On HAX web. So we didn't want you to miss that on your mobile either. To make that experience even more better, On HAX for iOS comes with an integrated Forums mode providing all the features needed while you're in love with Forums.

iOS 7 in mind

iOS 7 is something completely new in look and feel. So does On HAX for iOS. We crafted every single element to go with iOS 7 Design. As we always care about great user interfaces, we didn't forget that quality in our mobile app either.


No need to worry about excessive Storage, Memory or Data Usage. Everything is optimized to the best. To make it even more cool, Regular updates can be checked and direct installed with no troubles, at all.

On HAX for iOS is compatible with
Supports any
iOS 7 Version